About the Photographer

Steve Michaels


Steve Michaels CharicatureA native of Vermont, Steve has traveled throughout the world always looking for that perfect shot that seems to speak to you. He currently lives in the beautiful Whitepine Valley of Montana. His studio is located on a 100-acre Alpaca Ranch where he is able to photograph much of the wildlife that is attracted to his 2- acre trout pond.

Steve has always had his hand in photography and was a newspaper photojournalist in Oregon along with many of his photos being used in his nationwide publication, the Connections Magazine. Mr. Michaels has shown his work at the prestigious "Art on the Green" show in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, and has had his photos published on the front and back cover of the yearly Pictorial Section of the Sanders County Ledger. He has won the "People's Choice" award from the art display at the Clark Fork Hospital along with winning a calendar slot among over 1000 entries in the local contest.

Steve is also the author of two books, a hypnotherapist, business broker and the owner/designer of a Hobbit House which has been featured on HGTV, MTV and written up in the New York Times. Recently Steve has been working with his own mode of photography called “Abstract Imagery” where he combines several methods of shooting and developing his images which is his trade secret that makes his work so special.

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